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Each week, the sermons are recorded and filed in the church office.  If you would like a copy of a sermon that you missed, please call the church office at (870) 777-8816 and one will be made available to you.





Around Halloween, advertising begins for Christmas gift-giving. About the same time, stores stock their shelves with Christmas decorations, candy, and gifts. Also, the Hallmark channels began showing continuous Christmas movies. By now, most of us have been thinking about gifts we plan to give to family members.
As a child I enjoyed looking through Christmas catalogues and identifying gifts I would like to receive. I now realize that the best gifts don’t come in wrapped packages; rather, they are loved ones with whom we share life. Have you ever understood that people are gifts from God?
During the Advent and Christmas seasons, I will be preaching a sermon series on the gifts of people who are involved int he story of the first Christmas. iw ill proclaim the Good News given to us by the prophets who predicted Jesus’ birth. Iwill examine the gifts of Mary and Joseph as well as the angels and shepherds who were present after Jesus was born. Of course, I’ll preach on the gift of Jesus, and also on the magi who brought him gifts.
Come to worship as we examine the characters of the Christmas story.  Let’s celebrate the coming of Jesus, God’s greatest gift to us!
Pastor Steve


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